2020 Band Fees - Payment on Account - Choose payment amount

PayPal charges our organization a transaction fee.  Please understand we need to pass this fee on for the usage of this service. This convenience fee is added to the total price of your band fees. 

$1.00 + $0.03 (3% transaction fee)= $1.03* (total charge to your credit card or bank) X Quantity

 *Just change the quantity in your shopping cart - it will reflect the correct total in one dollar increments(plus fee).


$1.03 X 5 = $5.15

$1.03 X 20 = $20.60

$1.03 X 85 = $87.55

$1.03 X 172 = $177.16

Be sure and note the students name under the "Special Instructions" box. This way we will know who to apply the band fees to. An e-mail will be sent by PayPal notifying us that you have sent your payment.

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